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Signature „Toni Maier“

Signature „Toni Maier“

Brilliance, Immediacy and Flexibility

As with all daCarbo-trumpets, the „Toni Maier“ has an incredible response. The extraordinary large bell enables a powerful projection also in the upper registers. The sound is also reflected back to the trumpeter himself, which enhances control. The low resistance airflow makes the ML bore feel like an L bore. The sound of this instrument, is both warm, and brilliant leaving nothing to be desired.

Endorsement: Toni Maier

The daCarbo Signature „Toni Maier“ was developed especially for the star trumpeter Toni Maier.

As with the Vario, it has an exchangeable lead pipe, tuning slide and bell.

The valve section is a heavy version.
The carbon fibre bell has a diameter of 139 mm (5.47”)!

First class piston valves, ML bore.

Details of the design, such as the water keys, finger supports etc. may be customized.